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Top Gear
Jane Doe

“Top Gear” is a television series that focuses on motor vehicles reviews no matter the brand in question. For all car fanatics out there, this show will never tire. This is especially with the release of cars from different brands into the market.

Show makes cars and driving entertaining.

Although many may think that, it focuses on technical terms and it will require being familiar with terms relating to cars. Tthis is not entirely true and this is why it is one of the greatest television shows currently. “Top Gear” UK runs on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and, although it is informative and educational in reference to the motoring industry, it is entertaining. The “Top Gear” website is topgear.com/uk.

In addition, it adds a sense of humor that many relate to despite focusing on the motor industry. It comes with a number of attributes that need mentioning. It provides reason as to why it is gaining popularity among individuals. The show comes as a complete package comprising of the following.

Provides specific information about a wide range of car.

Whether you are a car fanatic or simply someone looking to find out about cars, this show provides the necessary information for specific car models. In addition, they will go as far as providing comparisons from different brands.

It is not just about giving you the features of these cars as the brands promise to deliver, but they will carry out their own review and offer their honest opinion. It is amazing how they have not received criticism from the specific brands but then again, they are still selling these brands.

“Top Gear” does not limit itself to specific brands in the industry. It will air all the brands and models that catch their eye and best of all is that they are keen to listen to their fans and their preference. No matter what the show is reviewing or testing, it will deliver.

In an aspect to promote diversity, this show operates with more than one host. The initial hosts, Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May definitely had a way of making the audience understand. They came with a rich sense of humor that will make right about anyone want to keep listening.

It is the different opinions from the co-hosts that make this show breathtaking.Picture three co-hosts with different opinions about the same car or brand and debating it out to prove a point. In addition, each comes with his own sense of humor. Currently, the show is having a change on the hosts with Chris Evans confirmed as one of the hosts.

Road test and push cars to the extreme.

Although “Top Gear” seeks to review cars and keep you updated on what is going on in the motor industry, they offer genuine information. They will test the cars personally and for professional reviews on speed, they will involve test drivers. You will also get a show on the tests and the results.

As part of the show, they will invite guest star, celebrities. These celebrities go beyond the motor industry; they are stars in their field of expertise, ranging range from the music industry to movie stars.

The guest stars are not part of the show to talk about them but refer to what they know in the motor industry. They will go as far as helping with the race tests to offer user opinion and ratings. Here’s how to apply to be a guest presenter on “Top Gear”: topgear.com/uk/car-news/be-a-top-gear-presenter-how-to-apply-chris-evans-2015-06-19

Captured the imagination of a world-wide audience.

“Top Gear” is creative and this has captured the audience. The setting of the show is themed with the host section clearly indicating that the show is about cars. In this section, the show features: 

These normally star the hosts racing against each other. The cover both long distance and short distance races. The objective here is to identify the strengths of competitor cars in the market. It does not refer to speed. It also includes stunt films.

These are not on every episode, but include travelling everywhere while on a budget. The show will require the hosts to purchase cars or modify them. These sections started in the year 2007. This aims at gauging the performance of specific car models. The test drivers perform it. The aim is to offer a more professional analysis.

Just as the name suggests, the hosts decide which, car models are cool and those that are not. This is not about the quality of the car. The show will provide a review of a car from a road test or a challenge for demonstration to the audience.

Humour is a big part of the show.

“Top Gear” UK is not only unique, creative, and informative, but the inclusion of humor that captures its target audience. With a running time of about one hour, each episode is captivating. Although the change in hosts, Clarkson is gone, never to return, many fans still tune to the show. Still, it is a concern for its fans on how it will run with the new hosts.


Jane Doe writes from the American South East.

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