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Recovery Redux
Jane Doe

Music is the talk of many nowadays. It is fun. Music is a staple in today’s social life and day-by-day style.  Music styles vary from country to country and that is what makes it so unique. Music is perfect for any occasion, such as a get together, dances, stress relief, and much more. The benefits of music are endless, they bring people together, and just make life that much more enjoyable as a whole

When people ask me what my favourite type of music is, I tell them I like everything, because I do! I like rap, rock, techno and blues, classical and mostly any form of music. People also ask me what my favorite CD is. It changes from time to time, but for a while now, I would to say "Recovery" by Eminem.

Eminem is a hip-hop artist that hails from Detroit, Michigan. He's been in the game since 1992 and is still going strong. Aside from rapping, "Slim Shady," also produces, and acts as well.  Eminem is one of the bestselling artist of 2000s and not to mention, of all time. He has sold over 86 million records worldwide, if that is not a testament to his success, I do not know what is! “Rolling Stone” magazine named him one of the best-selling artists, of all time. “Vibe” magazine, in 2008, called Eminem the best rap artist, alive.

“Recovery” is Eminem's seventh studio album. It released on 18 June 2010 and remains my favourite CD, for the moment. Even after almost two years, it still captivates my emotion. The production is amazing, and his skill in his field is unparalleled. The way he delivers his music is just so amazing.

Eminem puts so much thought into his songs. Each song is a story. Eminem does not just get on a track and say random things that rhyme, like other rap artists.

Each song, on “Recovery,” takes you on a ride, entertaining you the whole time. His wittiness and rhymes are clever; you cannot help but have a smirk on your face. He simply rips apart each track and eats it.

No one can touch the talent of Eminem. He’s the best rap artist, easily. When was the last time you heard another artist dis Eminem? You probably cannot recall because that would be a stupid move on their part. You don't mess with Eminem; he is too skilled.

The album, "Recovery," in my opinion is the best, of Eminem, yet. He took it to a new level. The production alone was top of the line. Some of the things he says, on this album, will leave your jaw open. Like did he really just say that? Yes he did, because he is Eminem, the best of all time.

Jane Doe writes from the American South East.

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