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A Coffee Mug
Jane Doe

Everyone has his or her favourite coffee mug. You’re no exception when it comes to your favorite mug. It is special and you like the feel of it in your hands and are disappointed if someone else in the family is already using it for their beverage. 

What makes a good coffee mug? Who knows? Everyone has his or her likes and dislikes: big, small; odd-shaped or regular; branded or plain, one-hander or two.

There are thousands of coffee mug style from which to choose. Mugs come in every shape and size imaginable. The only limit is the imagination of the designer.

You can find stackable mugs. There are ceramic, stainless steel and plastic mugs. There are travel size mugs, cosy, curl up in a big soft chair with a good book mugs. Coffee mugs range from about six ounces to forty or more ounces.

What makes these so special to the user? Well, there is nothing more comforting that holding a steaming hot mug of coffee. Sitting back and smelling the fresh scents from the newly brewed coffee that you just poured is delightful. This experience can sooth you after a long day or refresh you so that you can move on and accomplish more work.

Many companies give away personalized mugs. There’s always something to remind you of them. Moreover, give-away mugs are effective advertising.

Specially designed coffee mugs serve as rewards. A company or department may award a unique mug; a bonus or memento signifying the employee has done something special. These little tokens, of appreciation, may have more influence than cash; employees engage in low-level competition to earn a mug they display on their desks.

Some people decorate with coffee mugs. On kitchen shelves, for example, they display antique, rare or collectable mugs. Special cup hangers, often hung in a pattern, enhance such displays.

Breaking your favourite mug is calamitous. Sometimes, when a favourite mug breaks, the user goes, right away, to buy an exact replica; other times, a new mug ushers in a new attitude. Maybe the best option is to have a spare.

For these reasons, a coffee mug makes a great gift. A mug fits every occasion, birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. His and her mugs might make a great gift for a couple you know.

Versatility makes a mug the perfect gift. The range of shapes, sizes, colours and pattern is huge. Slogans or personalized messages easily affix to a mug.

A small caricature or special message affixes, easily, to a birthday mug. Mugs adorned with a photograph of a pet are popular, today. Team logos or seasonal decals are readily available.

An Easter mug might contain chocolate eggs. A marshmallow heart fills a Valentine’s Day mug, nicely. A small bag of specialty coffee beans, as obvious as it seems, is a good idea, too.

The value of a coffee mug lies in its versatility. It’s always useful, even if you don’t drink coffee and a mug is a great gift, anytime. You can easily impress everybody and anybody, with a coffee mug.

Jane Doe writes from the American South East.

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