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Tuesday 28 May 2024

Wake Up or be Killed
M Alan Roberts

"They made us sleep in tiger cages in the frigid cold, naked. Every night, someone would be gathered for undeserved punishments. We were treated like dogs every day, in our home land, for trying to serve our country in honour."

Richard C. - US Marine

If you pay attention to news sources besides those that are mainstream, those that are controlled by the United States government and other entities that dictate our lives, then you, like me, would see that hundreds of structural engineers, architects, physicists, metallurgists and more around the world believe that the destruction of the Twin Towers was a result of planted explosives not the 737s that flew into them as distractions. In fact, these professional, scientific people have believed this all along. And they have been silenced until now.

I ask myself why.

Why would the United States government attack its own people? There can be only one answer: they want to breed hatred. They want for all of us to blame the Muslims. Blame Iraq. Blame Pakistan. Blame Afghanistan. Blame Al Qaeda. Hell, while were at it, lets hate the Mexicans too. Blame anybody that wears something wrapped around their head. Hate them. Hate them for generations and generations to come. Prolong war. Perpetuate murder. Turn our young people into killers. Control oil reserves. Fill the minds of every American with so much hatred that they are clouded to the point that they cannot discern the truth anymore.

But make sure they love America.

Major airline pilots mostly all agree, even those who have been flying the same huge type of aircraft for decades, that they would have a very difficult time maneuvering such a jet at 500 miles an hour in controlled airspace and hitting a target of that size. In fact, in computerized simulations of the events, those same veteran pilots take an average of 20 attempts to successfully hit their mark. They find it very difficult to believe that your everyday camel-riding Muslim would be able to gain sufficient skills to pull that deed off so flawlessly. Maybe more of these air line pilots need to speak out, but then of course, they would lose their jobs, lose their homes, lose their families, lose their savings and probably be killed.

Do you think I am exaggerating? Do you think I am talking nonsense?

Like I said, maybe you need to tune in to some news sources that are not controlled by Rupert Murdoch and/or the rich elite that control the United States government. Maybe you have been being brainwashed for so long that you are now just a mindless robot without any opinions of your own. Maybe you are a coward who hides behind faux patriotism so that you don't have to actually stand for anything. Maybe you should seek the truth and stop watching mass media news coverage.

Most Americans agree that the government is in fact corrupt. Most Americans agree that the politicians blatantly lie to us constantly. Most Americans agree that our freedom is being stripped from us.

However, very few Americans have the stones to stand up and fight; they just want to hide in numbers and bitch about everything every day while they continue to serve blindly.

You must have at least heard somewhere along the line that Monsanto is forcing all small farmers out of business. You must know that they're trying to control the seed banks. You must know that the government is in the process of decriminalizing the individual right to grow an organic family garden. Why in the hell do you think they would do that? Why do you think that they would make it against the law to grow a plant for your family to eat? Could it be because they want you to eat genetically modified fruits, vegetables and animals? Could it be that they do not want you to live past the age where your body is able to work and produce for them? Maybe you have heard about the multi-trillion dollar deficit for 2009 and the projections for many years to come. Maybe you have managed to hear something about the devastation of the Social Security system.

What is it going to take for us Americans to get pissed off to the point where we are ready to stand against corrupt governmental policies and make the government serve us in the manner that it has been created for?

I do not own a gun. But I feel that if I wanted to, I certainly should have the right to. Ammunition is getting more and more difficult to obtain these days. People are buying it up because they fear it will soon not be available. In the near future, after our economy collapses completely because of the devalued dollar, food will also become quite scarce. Do you remember the stories about bread lines in Russia? Why do you think that it cannot happen here?

Please take the time to consider what you are not being told by mass media news sources. Do you think that your local anchor person has any control over what they read to you? They do not. Every word that crosses their lips is dictated to them. They are puppets. You are told the stories you hear because you are being controlled. As long as you continue to allow yourself to be controlled, then you will remain a part of the problem. And after its too late, when your rights have been stripped, your're living in restitution and your hope has been destroyed, you will not be able to affect any positive change anymore.

Do it now. Its time to take the power back.

M Alan Roberts is a radical thinker. He has a gimlet eye for injustice, much as did Frederich Engels, a century and a half before. Still, Roberts finds a way to write effective SEO copy. This suggests both sides of his brain, his mind, work equally well.

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