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Bixby Bridge
Carmel Regatta

Reading through books is really a dying past time for many people. The chance to shut out the world and fall headlong straight into a good book is certainly an experience many people have never enjoyed. Whether spying the journeys of imaginary globe explorers, observing as romance develops or listening to a murder unfold through word is an activity I fear future generations may possibly never experience. There is little in life that can replace the feeling of relaxation you receive by turning off all the noise and snuggling up to a nice book.

With the invention of e-readers, such as Nook or Kindle, books are no longer heavy or hard to carry with you all the time. With e-readers, you’re able to carry your favorite book or books with you everywhere you go. You’re able to download, instantly, any new book the day it releases. There is no chance your long anticipated book sells out in hours or you’ll need to make a special trip to the bookstore to pick it up.

Another great benefit to e-readers is the low footprint on the environment. E-readers save thousands of trees each year and reduce the amount of landfill waste from discarded books. E-readers have encouraged book reading by allowing e-reader owners to carry hundreds of books, even with bookmarks, in a small portable tablet.

I personally enjoy my Kindle. I have more than fifty books stored. I like the ability to sneak in reading time while stuck at an airport or waiting for a bus.

My favourite book is by Ryan Winfield; he’s also my favourite author. The titled is, “South of Bixby Bridge.” This book released just last year, on 11 August 2011. It’s not an overly large book, only 299 pages, and is an easy read in just two or three days.

Though “Bixby Bridge” is available in paperback, I downloaded it to my Kindle. I’ve already read it twice.

“Bixby Bridge” is very hard to put down, once you begin reading. Ryan Winfield does an excellent job making the main character, Trevor, completely believable. The e-book is incredibly fast moving. Something new takes place on just about every page. After I began reading this e-book, I became completely addicted. The young man's entire world evolved into my very own and I melted into the details of the over-the-top along with the self-indulgent lifestyles of the character types.

Ryan Winfield provides a stunning, occasionally agonizing, nevertheless consistently completely truthful portrait of the descent not to mention climb that, just like the rolling slopes of Tennessee lunge forward followed by retreat and constantly offer unexpected surprises around the blind corners. Anyone who has ever reached bottom and attempted to come back will certainly root for Trevor, a stockbroker brand new away from rehabilitation trying to keep his resolution to get back his life in a world confirmed to coax and taunt him.

I can’t wait for the next Ryan Winfield novel to release. I’m sure we’ll see a Hollywood production of this novel shortly. The storyline makes a perfect Hollywood script with the extravagant lifestyles and high risks practically every character takes in their journey to reach the top.

“South of Bixby Bridge” is my absolute favourite book and I’m sure anyone that loves reading will find this book impossible to put down. This is the first book I’ve ever read in two days and the only book I’ve ever read more than once. I just love this book!

Carmel Regatta is an unusual woman and a superb writer.

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