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Pink Friday
Jane Doe

I have not ever been a big fan of the young money or cash money productions and their associates. I’m definitely not been a big fan of rapper, Nicki Minaj, from Trinidad, and her music. My appreciated changed when I discovered the “Pink Friday” album that released on 19 November 2010.

For a debut studio album, “Pink Friday,” by Nicki Minaj, is a mind blower. Minaj is talented, focusing much energy on spectacular raps. The variety of cuts, on “Pink Friday,” readily appeals to current as well as new fans; the ablum has something for everyone.

The album involves many production styles, including pop, hip-hop and R&B. Several producers were involved, including J R Rotem, Bangladesh, Swiss Beats, T-Minus and will.i.am. What might easily have been a mish-mash, was a work of art that sold; it debuted, at number one, on the “Billboard Magazine Top 200” and, as of November 2011, sold 1.66 million copies in the USA.

That is not to say “Pink Friday” does not have its fair share of flops, as the intended lead single for the album did not just pack quite enough punch to make it as the lead single of the track, as such the track was not included in the album.

Despite the setbacks, the artist was able to create a flow that was so intense and captivating, that I have the album on replay quite often and enjoy every single track. She was definitely right in the track “I’m the best” when she said, “now the whole albums cracked, you ain’t gotta skip a track.”

Onika Minaj, on the album, was able to make use other talented musicians and was able to mix other talent to produce quite an interesting music CD. The track, “Fly,” was recorded with Barbadian singer, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, commonly known as Rihanna. She handles the chorus and makes the song a hit. “Fly” one of my personal favourites, as the tone of the song is quite inspiring and could be in a way used as a form of catchy and interesting hip-hop motivation.

Jane Doe writes from the American South East.

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