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The USA in 2017
Jane Doe

The current state of the United State has effects its future operations. Generally, the country is in a state that is difficult to predict. The confusion runs across economic expectations, political challenges, social possibilities and the state of global warming. Incoming president, Donald J Trump has much to do, for USA, in 2017. How he decides what to focus on determines the future of the country.

The USA economy is iffy for 2017.

Economic expectations vary for the USA in 2017. The potential, for the USA, to become one of the greatest economies, again, is possible. Trump promises to cut on the taxes. Thus, expectations for growth suggest an increase from the current 1.6% to 2.2%. Equally, the president has a plan on expansion of infrastructure, which is an indication of better means to improve the economic performance through continued job growth and capital expenditure.

Uncertainties in the Europe, mostly a wobbling European Community (EU), may undermine economic progress in the USA. With the current uncertain results from the Brexit, the only remaining major power, with a stable political stand, is the United States. The reduction of taxation policies and the infrastructural developments may improve the economic developments of USA in 2017.

The current instability in Europe can be a major challenge to USA, in 2017. The economic development of the country depends on productive, that is, successful, relations with the European Union. Dealing with individual countries could be a challenge as the policies of the European Union involves working as a block for fair market deals.

The incoming president is a protectionist. He has policies in mind that could affect the operations of the economy. First, the withdrawal plans from the Free Trade Agreement of North America (NAFTA) might cause jobs loss and lost business opportunities in some parts of the country. The USA, in 2017, may face an economic malpractice can be the reason for a weaker global outlook of the country.

The effectiveness of fiscal policies and monetary values has been lessening in the United States. Without increasing the government expenditure, the USA, in 2017, will face much tighter policies, which would be a little hard to crack.

The last election was the most significant and unexpected, in the history of America. The victory, by Trump, will shape the way people view presidency, perhaps forever. Currently, the performance of the president-elect is keenly watched, readies to assume office early next year. Mostly, the media workers, news and social, are bewildered by his cabinet appointments and general demeanor, which is non-presidential, at best.

It's politics unusual for the USA, in 2017.

The policies, which Trump had in mind and spoke of during the campaign, will affect the operations of USA in 2017. What Trump has said and what he will do seem out of line, for now; time will tell, of course. If he performs better than expected, political views, as measured in terms of his lack of eloquence and acceptable image, will change; maybe.

The US faces with many uncertainties for its political future. The presidency of Trump, in his first year in office, will determine the actions of the electorate, in the off-year elections in 2018. To Democrats, there is an expectation of poor performance and superb performance for the republicans.

The reasons for belonging to a party whether Democrat or Republican will shift from the candidate chosen to the policies enacted by the White House. In the last election, the party policies went askew, when the least popular candidate, ever, won. The success or failure, of the USA, in 2017, will determine the means of political realignment whether according to policies of the selected candidates.

There could be a possible shift in the partisan politics from next year. For a long time, the citizens have aligned with the party policies, without considering the candidate. The future politics could change depending on the performance of the Republican presidency and the state of USA, in 2017.

The current line of division between the citizens of the United States is on nationalism. The action of the government is likely to divide USA, depending on whether, for example, a policy, to bar Muslims from entering the country, becomes law. The erection of the Mexican wall will equally lead to a major problem in the desired nationalism.

The growth of the influence of multicultural globalists on nationalists will also affect the realignment of USA, in 2017. With the increasing chances this division, there will rise a political difference with two adamant ideologies which are impossible to bend. Immigration policies will be the major cause of disagreement for the two political factions.

Social responsibility seems out of the window for the USA, in 2017.

Social possibilities may results, in 2017, from the increased disparity in the country since the elections concluded. The fact that some states and groups of individuals do not accept the presidency will affect social responsibilities. If the status quo remains, as is, there could be serious problems in USA, in 2017.

Immediately after the elections, the minority groups had started receiving negative attitudes from the natives. The current president is yet to be out of office and the racism has just started. The cases of discrimination can be worse after the inauguration ceremony, which can take the country back by decades.

Lastly, for now, the differences in political ideologies are likely to affect the social status. The views of the people link to either nationalism or multiculturalism, regardless of the level of honesty in the views. The differences in the views could lead to worse social status in USA, in 2017.

The efforts made by the country, to try to stop climate change, could have little effect, in 2017. Trump claims he is uncertain about climate change; it would be a little challenging to go ahead with the plans if the president is against it. Efforts to respond to climate change are most likely to go unheeded, in American, in 2017.

There is a high economic capability in the country, for 2017, if the taxation policies and better monetary policies fall into place. Reduced taxes may aid the growth of private sectors hence better performance and employment opportunities. For example, reducing the taxes for growing companies will lead to better growth and operational expansions.

On politics, the direct operations of the president will affect the USA, in 2017. Without handling the increasing differences in the country, there will be a divided country with different policy endorsements. Taking an example of partisan politics, if Donald performs perfectly, the citizens will stick to party politics but if the performance is poor, there is a likelihood of individual selection.

The social possibilities depend on political paths. Similarly, the global warming control is going to be the biggest challenge for the world if the president holds on to his ideas. The taken steps by the president will have to affect USA, in 2017.


Jane Doe writes from the American South East.

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