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Tuesday 23 Jul 2024

Revolution Calling
M Alan Roberts

"We're being used and fed - like rats in experiments

no final outcome here - only pain and fear ...."

Geoff Tate, of Queensryche"

This is my challenge to the government of the Unites States of America to tell the truth to the people. This is my summons to corruption - my dare for total confession - my order to stand down. I am demanding that the villainy end now and a new order begins.

I am inciting a Revolution.

With each passing day, we feel more foolish - less privy to realty. We are constantly fed a massive barrage of misinformation, and outright lies, by those in control. We are the conglomerate and as such, it is truly our decision to be led, or to lead. Why should we continue to blindly, and spinelessly, sit back and be repeatedly robbed; consistently abused; falsely imprisoned; violently degraded and laughed at for it all?

The day has long ago arrived people - it is upon you still, directly in your faces. In fact, you are starting to go under - cattle in quicksand. The crippled US economy reeks with the stench of greed and liars. The food provision system delivers toxic products - specifically designed to exterminate millions over time. The banking system favors only the rich. The employment system has the specific goal to keep the working class just up to zero. The government steals the bulk of our wealth from us and organized religions pry loose the rest with promises of eternal postmortem indemnity.

Save yourselves before you are reduced to cowering slaves in the bold face of unabashed evil. The days are numbered for self expression. New laws, legislation, rules, regulations, codes and statutes are initiated every day in this, the Land of the Free. Our individuality is ending - being stripped from us even as we watch, afraid to fight back. Continued movement in this self-destructive direction will crumble us to nothing more than mechanical servants to dictatorial tyrants.

Conspiracy is sometimes a very positive word. There are times when it is necessary to strike down those that would kill you - and the US government kills people all over the planet every single day - every hour, minute and second. Do not be further diluted. The goal of these modern slave masters is to viciously instill complete obedience and contravene all free articulation. Do your part to preserve your integrity. Exercise your freedoms while the are still granted in their currently-limited fashion.

Crime rates are escalating in direct correlation with oil prices. Decent men and women are reduced to thievery because they can not even afford to pay their base bills after full work weeks. The American health care system, led in hypocrisy by the AMA, is a disease-sustaining farce. And if you do need medical attention, prepare to have your life-giving credit rating destroyed. Prisons are being constructed in astounding numbers while in schools, police are permanently stationed inside of them instead of efficient teachers.

And still, every newspaper; every television station; all the conversation on the streets (except for from my people); every church prayer and every child's mind is filled with the falsified news of political elections, covered-up law enforcement infractions, trumped-up terrorism charges and an entire boatload of other various contaminations of truth. And it must be vanquished starting right now.

Make the decision now to stand up strong. Show absolutely no fear. Be willing to sacrifice for what you know to be virtuous - regardless of consequence. Do your individual part to make a proactive difference and help us all to take the power back and place it where it can only belong: in the hands of the masses - not the government. Create your own Revolution (not revolution)every day and forge the future of the planet with strength and equalized representation for all.

If you don't, "you're all gonna die up there."

M Alan Roberts is a radical thinker. He has a gimlet eye for injustice, much as did Frederich Engels, a century and a half before. Still, Roberts finds a way to write effective SEO copy. This suggests both sides of his brain, his mind, work equally well.

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