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Election Hanky-panky
Clobber Samson

"Canada is and always has been our country.”

Stephen Harper, Campaign Ad


Let's hear that again. Roll back the tape, Bob.

"Canada is and always has been our country.”

OOOO-kay. Let's try that one more time please.

"Canada is and always has been our country.”

Slow Motion, please, and turn up the volume.



Yep. That's what he said. I thought I must have heard it wrong.

Thanks for reminding of that historical fact Mr. Harper, but what exactly does it mean?

It means Harper is good at grammar at least. But, I can't quite say that it is in the "I think therefore I am" category of deep philosophical insight

Steve does the "I Am Canadian" ad thingy, without pitching the beer.

Well, I suppose it beats the Family Pack Happy Meal pitch, by Iggy, last seen running around in his red runners desperately putting his finger in dikes to hold back the Dipper tide

As for Jack, he's trying to get to the finish line with cane in hand and avoid some good questions or scrutiny while dodging smear campaigns about certain massage parlour visits. Hey, I want my leader to be relaxed and happy! If he got an 'extra, who cares; if someone is getting it behind closed doors, I'd rather it be Jack than us. The true story is that it was Iggy standing over him, singing an old song by “Parachute Club, "Rise up, Rise up.

Beware the socialist hordes! Hide yourself under the bed, the dust bunnies in the corner will morph into clones of Stalin or Lenin. Have you seen the other Harper Ad with the coins? Jack looks like a mad Lenin who is ready to open a massage parlour next door to you.

Protest vote or legitimate NDP support, a bit of both I suspect

My own take on it all is that people were waiting in the weeds - dare I say, a silent majority, assessing which way the winds were blowing. Maybe I'm only reflecting my own feelings here but many people definitely want to dump Harper and were waiting to see which party/leader - Iggy or NDP - had the best chance of actually giving Pinocchio a fight, not just to stop a majority but to possibly form a government. Once Quebec turned, almost overnight, towards Jack, it was all over for Iggy.  People had their principle focal point to rally behind. Jack has run a nice clean positive campaign. The old paradigms looked, well, old. Attack Ads, Quebec Sovereignty, etc. Negative. Jack was one of us, sipping beer with us during a Canadians hockey match.

Meanwhile Harper was in his bubble, preaching to the converted, unwilling as usual to allow a disturbing word or question. Yet, unable to stop the flow of silly bugger head shots by his campaign leaders and media supporters.

It hasn't hurt the Dippers that Harper et al just kept making mistakes - as they have all along! People were finally waking up to the fact that the Cons were never going to change.

Promising not to change the budget should he be re-elected with a minority is the height of arrogance. He simply refuses to understand and endorse parliamentary democracy. As journalist Susan Delancourt apparently tweeted; Harper actually should have gone to the Royal Wedding so that the Queen could educate him on what exactly it means, this is, a "coalition.”

In any case, I think there is a common desire not to have the status quo post-election. Cons want a majority; others want Harper gone. The worst-case scenario would be a result that would not change the numbers significantly. Such a result would only confirm some views that the election was not necessary. Harper, never one to think of the country's future unless it includes him as grand poobah, would frankly and quite quickly, shove his agenda down the opposition's throats and force yet another election.

The fact that he refused to answer any questions about his own minority government possibility, and what it might do, is more than revealing. It is the essence of his whole approach to politics. It is always "us" versus "them.” You never admit a mistake - never

He is quite fond of citing the fact that he has been prime minister over 5 years as a minority government leader but in the same speech says minority governments have not/do not work. The reason they haven't worked is because he won't budge. He rules as if he has a majority. When others suggest there is a different alternative - one that has to be sanctioned by the Governor General - he goes into his 'the world is ending' mantra re a 'dangerous' coalition, stirring up those dust bunnies! What would one expect from a guy who thinks the GG is only there to prorogue governments when they're in trouble....  correction: when HE'S in trouble.

Harper = Canada. That's the message in his ad.

He is responsible for our mountains and flowing rivers. Funny the camera didn't pan over the Tar Sands.

He will save the world with his jet planes.

He is responsible for hockey wins, skating medals etc.

He IS the flag. Only the Conservatives stand up for Canada, they are the only true Canadians. By implication, the rest of us are alien or foreign pimples on the buttocks of progress invading our shores set to overthrow democracy.

The message is bordering close to Nazi-like propaganda here. He is co-opting our symbols; merging them with images of himself and his party; very dangerous stuff in my mind

Nice photos of flowing prairie grain. No pictures of poverty-stricken Indian reservations or the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver - where he wishes to close In Site, which everyone clearly states is saving addicts' lives. Should he get a majority and close down that operation, if one person dies, murder must be his charge

Well, whatever happens on Monday happens. Life will go on. 

If you're worried, go for a massage. 


Clobber Samson is a highly opinionated sports commentator, especially when it comes to Vancouver "Canucks," of the National Hockey League. Expect no balance in his columns. This is good.

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