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Born to Run
Jane Doe

Bruce Springsteen has been in the music industry for over thirty-five years. His first album, "Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ," released in 1973, on Columbia Records. Bruce Landau, who also manages Springsteen, produced “Greetings.”

Springsteen became a phenomenon by 1975, appearing on the cover of “Time Magazine” and “Newsweek,” at the same time, 27 October 1975. During his amazing career, Springsteen released twenty-four albums. He won an Oscar, in 1994, for his song. "Streets of Philadelphia." In 1999, the Rock and Roll's Hall of Fame inducted Springsteen.

Springsteen connects, easily, with many people because is music speaks of life, experience and pain everybody shares. His music is my favourite. No matter what type of mood I am in and no matter what song of his you play, I can easily snap myself into feeling great.

Springsteen surrounds himself with some of the greatest musicians ever. The “E Street Band” is an important part of his music. Although keyboardist Danny Federici and saxophonist Clarence Clemons passed away, in 2008 and 2010, respectively, the “E Street Band” remains an integral part of the Springsteen sound and show.

My favourite type of music is Rock and Roll. I think Bruce Springsteen is the essence of Rock. He writes music about his time, growing up in New Jersey. He writes about love (“I’m on Fire”), military life (“Born in the USA”) and the life of a on the streets of Asbury Park, New Jersey (“Glory Days”).

Springsteen is everything I think about when I wonder what is Rock and Roll. Seeing Springsteen in concert is unlike anything else you will ever experience too. He takes live music to a new level. He expands on his amazing songs, adding commentary and details of his personal experiences growing up in New Jersey.

My favourite CD is "Born to Run" (1984). To ensure his third album was a complete masterpiece, Springsteen spent everything he had. He pushed the creative and performance energy and spent all his money on studio time. Even his patience hung over the edge, as he pushed the “E Street Band,” physically, to the breaking point so this album was as perfect as they could make it.

Every song on “Born to Run” is a diary of the life of Springsteen. The first track, “Thunder Road,” comes right out of the box and screams about the 1960s and 1970s, when Springsteen was coming of age. The second cut is “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out,” which I could sing all day long and never tire. I love the way Clemons plays sax on this song.

The next two songs, “Night” and “Backstreets,” would be monster hits, if on any other CD; sadly, such great songs can’t complete with super anthems, such as “Thunder Road” and “Born to Run.” The latter song describes his time with his then girlfriend and tells the very cool story about how they were born to run. You cannot find a better melody and lyrics in a rock song anywhere or any time

The next cuts, “Meeting Across the River” and “She’s the One,” are touching. I always wonder how Springsteen was able to convey such feeling in songs. These songs move me, always.

The eight cut, on “Born to Run,” is my favourite song on my favourite CD. “Jungleland” is one a most amazing song. It begins slow, building to a screaming sax, played by Clemons. You will find your listen to this song, repeatedly, always amazed at how the story flows, as a book, except with killer rock played by the great musicians.

Jane Doe writes from the American South East.

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